A Constructional Approach to Resultatives by Hans C. Boas

By Hans C. Boas

Delivering a unified answer in the frameworks of building Grammar and body Semantics, Hans Boas develops an account of resultative buildings in English through grouping them in sessions: conventionalized and non-conventionalized. The usage-based version used right here proposes that every specific experience of a verb constitutes a conventionalized mini-construction, that's the most important details for the licensing of arguments. by contrast, verbs in non-conventionalized resultative buildings can gather a unique that means and thereby a brand new syntactic body. English and German resultatives are in comparison to illustrate the targeted lexical polysemy networks of English and German verbs.

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On this view , the verb subcategorizes for a PrP, whereas the Pr itself potentially subcategorizes for any kind of lexical category. 28b). Both types of structures are subcategorized for by the matrix verb: a. b. 27) The gardener watered the tulips flat. g. Po lIock (1 989) for an analysis of Tense , Chomsky (1 995) for Agreement, Hendrick (1991) for Aspect, and Ritter (1 991) for Number. ' (1 998: 31) … 仨 …… \ W 38/ A CONSTRUCTIONAL ApPROACH TO RESULTATIVES TU m-m -o 叫 卜 与附 A 'kmm 〈 Bowers explains that in his framework , Pr has strong V-features which cause the head of XP to adjoin obligatorily to Pr.

3) , Carrier and Randall claim that obligatory transitive verbs exhibit the same semantic restrictions in resultative constructions as they do in non-resultative sentences. 13) , Carrier and Randall (1 992) conclude that the transitive verbs in resultatíve constructions have not become detransitivized. The fact that matrix verbs in resultative constructions differ with respect to the number of 14Note that Hoekstra (1 988) is also unclear about where such detransitivization rules apply. Since he postulates such rules , he must assume that the lexical entry of such verbs is specified as transitive.

For a complex predicate analysis of this phenomenon , see Hoeksema (1 991) , Neeleman and Weerman (1993) , Neeleman (1 995) , and Neeleman and van de Koot (2001). 341 A CONSTRUCTIONAL ApPROACH TO RESULTATIVES they theta-mark their subject with the proper theta-role. 19b). 19b) could be seen in the theta-marking properties of the matrix verb. Recall Aarts' suggestion that the matrix verb theta-marks the resultative SC constituent (1 989: 283). e. , the matrix verb has to assign an internal theta-role , it is of Ii ttle help in dealing with the present data.

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