A French-English grammar : a contrastive grammar on by Morris Salkoff

By Morris Salkoff

1. desk of symbols, pxi; 2. Preface, pxiii; three. 1. creation, p1; four. 2. significant sentence buildings; the verb; the item, p25; five. three. The Noun word, p119; 6. four. Adjuncts, p167; 7. five. Conclusions; functions, p313; eight. References, p335; nine. Index, p339

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3), etc. In all these cases, it is not possible to respect either the literal meaning of some of the elements of the French structure or their linear succession: both arbitrary translations of some elements and meaning-carrying insertions are needed to convey the information from the SL to the TL. Such cases of non-correspondence are infrequent in this comparative grammar; most transfers of structure can be effected almost element by element, with an occasional permutation. Such a result is not predictable before undertaking the study, and can only come to light after a systematic comparison has been carried out of the equivalence between French and English schemata under translation.

Where have the women gone? MAJOR SENTENCE STRUCTURES; VERB; OBJECT 33 When the object begins with a preposition, as in c,d,e and f, then the translation of the latter is to be found in the lexical entry of the verb. The position of the preposition isflaggedin case its default translation must be changed. Then, when the translation module reaches the verb, the translation of the preposition can be recovered and inserted, if necessary, in place of the default translation. 1312, eq. (57), (60)).

3 In effect, we have: *Que Max lit-il aujourd'hui? However, such a sentence with non-zero Sbj is possible if que is replaced by que diable: Que diable Max lit-il aujourd'hui? ). MAJOR SENTENCE STRUCTURES; VERB; OBJECT 35 However, it is necessary to translate est-ce in sentences of this kind when the form of être in the sequence est-ce is in fact the main verb: (26)a (Qui + Qu') est-ce? → (Who + What) is it? b Quel genre de problème était-ce? → What kind of problem was it? 131 is also possible in an assertion, when the sentence begins with particular adverbs.

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