A Grammar of Domari by Matras, Yaron

By Matras, Yaron

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They include their self-appellations (ʼ‫ڟ‬P, ‫މ‬RP), their wholesale designation for outsiders (Domari NDG६D, Romani JDG६R)10, and their socio-economic profile as small kinship-based communities that are nomadic or semi-nomadic and specialise in a portfolio of trades that usually includes manufacturing of small tools and entertainment as well as other services. The languages share a linguistic legacy as a result of the fact that they both belong to the Indo-Aryan family of languages. They also share features that distinguish them from other New Indo-Aryan languages as a result of permanent bilingualism and the influence of various contact languages.

M-BEN P যDPPXUNDGL build-VTR-PAST-F Q ߅LUQč began-1PL JLU\DQL G६DQL R PDQǦQ stay-PAST-1PL S a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. OBL-BEN PDQҮUL stay-PAST-F NDPNDQL HKQ̌QD here work-VTR-1PL-PRG J̌QD HKQ̌QD again ࠭ and here যDPPXUNDǦQ build-VTR-PAST-1PL ࣢DUEҮO ࠭ and HKQ̌QD here work-VTR-1PL-PRG sieve ‘We used to live in Dirxabiyye. And we travelled from Dirxabiyye. We went to Hauran, we worked. We worked (and) back/ we went back, we spent the winter in Dirxabiyye. We stay five/ five or six months we stay the winter.

And we travelled from Dirxabiyye. We went to Hauran, we worked. We worked (and) back/ we went back, we spent the winter in Dirxabiyye. We stay five/ five or six months we stay the winter. Once again we travel, we go back to Hauran, we work again. We came here. We settled here in Dir Asirjir. Dialect differences in Domari i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. 17 It has now been first/ that is, fifty days/ fifty years [for us here]. We settled here. We took Abu Zir’s sister’s daughter. We took her for my son Ahmad.

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