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A Grammar of Maybrat: A Language of the Bird’s Head by Philomena Dol

By Philomena Dol

Maybrat is a Papuan language that is spoken within the important region of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . even though it truly is one of many better neighborhood languages in Papua Province by way of numbers of audio system, a entire grammar in this language has hitherto now not been published.

This booklet goals to offer an outline of the phonology, morphology and sy n tax of the Maybrat language because it is spoken via the folk of Ayawasi. preferably, this paintings can be utilized as a reference grammar: it provides information regarding an important structural and typological points of Maybrat. With this in brain, the grammar is stuffed with illustrative examples targeted round contrasts in shape and which means, that are mentioned within the textual content.

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1. ’ 45 k´'re] kre/ hut kre) A kre is a special hut built in the forest, which is used by women to give birth. 46 Chapter 2 However, a fall in pitch is not always indicative of a clause-boundary: falls in pitch may also be used to mark an opposition in emphasis, as in (69): (69) a. b. ’ In allegro speech, clauses may lose their individual intonation contour, as in (70). In this example, ‘||’ marks a clause-boundary, although there are no intonational criteria by which this boundary can be established.

In this way, the following contrasts can be made: (12) /put/ /po/ ‘leech’ ‘thing’ vs. vs. /puut/ /poo/ ‘we climb’ ‘our shoulder’ Because the phonetically long vowels in (11) are interpreted phonologically as sequences of like vowels, and not as phonologically long vowels, the forms in (12) do not constitute minimal pairs. Combinations of unlike vowels in which the first vowel is low occur in word-initial position (13), word-medial position (14), and in word-final position (15): (13) /ai/ /ae/ /au/ /aof/ [»ai] [»ae] [»au] [»açf] ‘alone’ ‘yes (affirmative)’ ‘she, it’ ‘sago’ (14) /xaen/ /kais/ /mauf/ /maon/ [»xaEn] [»kais] [»mauf] [»maçn] ‘it is shallow’ ‘their buttocks’ ‘contents’ ‘It is sharp’ 30 (15) Chapter 2 /mai/ /tae/ /sau/ /tao/ [»mai] [»tae] [»sau] [»tao] ‘they hit; PROHIB; sound’ ‘I am at’ ‘one’ ‘my foot; my sibling (SS)’ In the VV-sequences below, a phonetic glide [j] or [w] occurs between the vowels.

G. it broke)’ ‘they are angry’ ‘it is dark’ ‘their gall’ ‘they follow’ ‘they strengthen (in a ritual)’ Only in onomatopoeic /xnir/ [x´»nir], denoting a growl. Only in onomatopoeic /rra/ [r´»ra], denoting the sound made by a particular kind of bird. 6). See Appendix IV for the kinship term /tmo/. o. o. o. g. 1 for person prefixes). It appears that Maybrat has a large number of combinatory possibilities of Cs in wordinitial position at the phonemic level. However, phonetically all the CC-sequences indicated above are broken up by an epenthetic schwa.

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