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A Moral Military by Sidney Axinn

By Sidney Axinn

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This action looks to be mere cowardice rather than an impressive and dignified position. If we take the second of Plato’s alternatives, then certain things are themselves good due to some innate property that they possess. Using this assumption, we might hope to learn the criteria of good independently of the gods; we might discover that the gods are sometimes in error on the matter of a specific good or evil. Whichever side of Plato’s question we take, the status of God as moral object seems almost untenable.

We conclude, modestly, that many, but not all, do. Further, the moral monists take it that a single theory is basic and perfect for all situations, The pluralists hold that several theories are equally basic. The monists have the problem of convincing us that their choice of theory is quite perfect; the pluralists, for their side, must show us when to use which theory. First, we will give each of the four theories a chance to present itself and to show us its strong and weak points. Universal Fairness We start with a position that sounds comfortable: All of humanity are equal moral objects.

Individual dignity or freedom consists in the need and the ability to be responsible for one’s own moral style. That does not mean that anything goes or that you can choose whatever you like. Some choices violate the categorical imperative, the rule of universality, and are therefore not moral. That’s the meaning of moral. But this limit still leaves choices of styles to individual judgment. The soldier who has sworn to or affirmed that he or she will obey the president and defend the Constitution must do so or violate the rule of universality.

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