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A Place Among the Fallen (Omaran Saga, Book 1) by Adrian Cole

By Adrian Cole

A spot one of the FALLEN
Book one of many Omaran Saga

Omara's humans shun all trust within the strength of gods and magic, and the Deliverers, led by way of Simon Wargallow, pledge to place to loss of life all heretics. whilst Korbillian flees his magical land of Ternannoc in the middle of a catastrophic destruction, he's taking safe haven on Omara and starts a quest to save lots of this planet from its inevitable fate--the comparable as that of Ternannoc. Battles erupt within the clashes among destruction and salvation, from the fishing village of Sundhaven to the plateau of Xennidhum. loss of life turns into existence for the folks, and existence is on its manner towards death.

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Dennagon pondered. Shevinoth turned as if to face him, the omnipotent master of the dream. " inquired Shevinoth. No answer. " With that, an abrupt blast exploded out of the orifice. Yellow fire and light ringed around the silver dragon's figure, tearing away his flesh. Strips of carrion flew from whence Shevinoth stood, ashen charcoal scales flinging into the ceaseless depths of space. All tha t was left was his skeletal form, burning in hellish wonder as if to beg the • 44 • question, "why" in its disintegrating vapors.

Often, he thought about the necessity of rest in the functionality of dragons. Humans needed to sleep, for they were weak, but why did the World's knowledge pools always state that dragons needed exactly 4 hours of dormancy every thirty hour day • 45 • and two hours every ten hour day? There seemed to be no premise for such a rule, no absolute link in the chain of causality. Yet, he did admit that he usually felt tired after each day and he did need to rejuvenate himself. Perhaps that was his subconscious' way of telling him that he needed to resolve his problems.

Hun dreds of the m . From where he was, he could not determine their size, but he could sense that these were not ordinary fireb a l l s that could b e fo rged from a n y o l d spellbook. These were entities h e had never seen before, p erhaps something recently written by an experienced spellcaster. There was no stopping this war without finding out what kind of magic did this. He was halfway betwixt the stratosphere and the surface w hen one of the proj ectiles nea red him. It was headed straight toward the Archive at the center of the city, flaring like a meteorite that came directly from the sun.

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