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A Woman's Pleasure Trip in Somaliland by Frances Swayne

By Frances Swayne

This old ebook could have a number of typos and lacking textual content. dealers can frequently obtain a unfastened scanned replica of the unique booklet (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. now not illustrated. 1907 version. Excerpt: ...These shrubs sometimes develop jointly, and it's very curious to notice how, with unerring intuition, the animals will greedily feed upon the only and stay away from the opposite. Ergin frequently offers covert for lions, yet to my nice unhappiness I by no means observed any of those noble beasts. there's not anything Somalis like rather a lot as to be relocating on, or hate greater than staying quietly in a single position, for this reason they weren't in the slightest degree placed out by means of having to take down all of the tents and pitch them afresh 5 miles extra on; the single distinction they made, used to be to ship at the mules with all of the eatables, etc., first, in order that once we arrived our dinner was once prepared, and whereas we have been eating our tents have been pitched and organized. This spot was once the single campingground i used to be at, the place there has been no water; in fact the nien knew this truth previously, and organized for it through taking a few camels in particular to hold the water tins containing water for our use, and for cooking reasons; yet we have been the one residing creatures supplied for, no different guy or beast had a drop, and so far as lets see, it made no distinction to their convenience. One guy to whom I spoke acknowledged, “ We drank the day past, and shall drink the following day; lots of water to-morrow, it’s all right.” As Abdulla was once a lot hired on the Sheikh camp, and had such a lot of issues to seem after, we took for our head guy this time Adan Yusuf, who had, twenty-one years prior to, been head guy to Colonel S--, R.E., brother to the Commissioner, and had due to the fact then followed him with the Rodd project to Abyssinia and different exploring events. He got here up after dinner to obtain his orders for tomorrow, after which inquired such a lot quite of me approximately Colonel S, and enlarged upon his prowess as a sportsman....

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I was made particularly comfortable, for I had a large tent for my bedroom, with a smaller one for bathroom, both enclosed in a little zariba inside the large one, to ensure greater privacy; and besides this, I had arranged for me a sort of bower under a very large euphorbia tree which grew just outside the opening of my private zariba. These trees afford the densest shade imaginable, not a single ray of sun ever penetrating through them when they are of any age, and the temperature under them is usually five or six degrees cooler than in the tents.

The militia men, quite of their own accord and without my telling them, brought in boughs of box and tied them to the tent poles, and also made a wreath of evergreens long enough to go quite round the tent and edge the blankets. This they brought in, and arranged it by placing themselves at intervals, supporting the wreath on their heads. The effect was very decorative, as they looked like Caryatides, and were nearly as immovable; but much Some of the Servants under the Union Jack on Christmas Day.

36 CHAPTER D E S C R I P T I O N OF T H E CAMP AT S H E I K H DAY IN CAMF PARTY IOI A G I D D Y YOUNG W I F E SOMALIS K E E P T H E I R MOBILITY III. AND CAMP L I F E OF D E R V I S H E S WORD ARRIVE CHRISTMAS A HADJI A MATRIMONIAL D I F F E R E N C E THE N A T I V E MILITIA AND T H E " MAD " M U L L A ' s COMMERCIAL CARAVAN OF SOMALIS, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN AGED HOW THEIR DRESS S T Y L E S OF H A I R D R E S S I N G RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCES. A S I do not presume to give any information in this ^ ^ very slight work, either to people already fortunate enough to know Somaliland, or to the many others who have often enjoyed camp life in other countries, b u t address myself to those who are curious to know how it is possible to be happy without either houses, carriages, or even roads, I will shortly describe our camp and the life in it.

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