English As A Second Language

A workbook in language teaching: With special reference to by Earl W Stevick

By Earl W Stevick

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The farmer played his records, The music frightened the crows badly. The crows ieft the orchard. The crows never returned to the orchard. 63 20. Some human beings like rock and roll music 21 . Other human beings don't like rock and roll 1T]USIC. 22. The crows agreed with the second group. Rock and Rol1, Version C He used to In Alabama, tirere is a farmer who has a large pecan orchard, have a great deal of trouble with crows doing severe damage tohis cropbyeating the young Pecans. Then one day, the farmer had an idea.

F2. The seat has a low center of gravlry. 13. l'he force of the crash cannot rip the seat frorn the floor. 8. verry hard. Planes sometimes hit the water verY hard. Airline Seat, Version C A new kind of airline seat has been invented, which protects passengers in plane crashes, Sabenawas the first airline to adopt it. The seattipsbackward automaticallyin a crash, so that the passenger's spine is nearly horizontal . In this position, his whole bodyis able to withstand shocks better. The seat also has a low center of graviry, which prevents it flom being ripped from the floor by the force of the crash.

Preparation: 1, Short minimal pairs: a. In initial position: lie- rye; low- row b. Between vowels: Willie-weary; miller-mirror c. In final position: (the /r/ sound need not be taught here, since many speakers of English do not themselves pronounce it in final position) pill-peer, fell-fair d. After consonants: play-pray, grow-glow 2. Minimal sentences: He's Willie. Where do they go to play? He's weaty. Where do they go to pray? 3. Useful words and phrases which are very common, but which are not necessarilymembers of minimal pairs: l, E, A.

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