Advanced Language Patterns Mastery by Larry McLaughlin

By Larry McLaughlin

The aim of this handbook is to supply nearly all of the language styles used inside of NLP. the writer concentrates, now not on newly built styles, yet quite on gathering jointly present styles, offering his interpretation and examples of ways those styles can be utilized.

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And we are interested in achieving OUTSTANDING results, are we not? Are you happy with your present understanding of language patterns? If you are not, the first step you need to take is to take each language pattern and practice it over and over until it happens at an unconscious level. The more you practice the more success you will have had. I don't know what gets you as many results as practicing does. When you have repeatedly completed what I have suggested, you will know exactly what I mean.

A) It is going to make pervasive changes in your life. b) It has been proven that once you hire a communication firm like mine, Jim, that productivity goes up. What help do you need personally? c) One thing we know is that people who have studied NLP in depth think that it is the world's greatest communication model in the world. d) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ e) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ You're too serious about life.

It is easy to .......... Many people think that ......... It's been proven that .......... All the best companies ......... 3. Cause and Effect (Statements that claim that there is a cause and effect relationship between one thine and another thing) a) Coming to this seminar will cause you to begin to understand communication and begin to make changes in all areas of your life. b) Now that we have realized that you have a communications problem we can begin the work to solve it. c) Studying the world's greatest communicators has led to a model that can be easily transferred to others, NLP.

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