Analysis of Vertebrate Pest Control by Jim Hone

By Jim Hone

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Barnett & Prakash (1976) discussed methods for direct field sampling and noted several sources of bias: hoarding of food, damage to grain bags and grain contamination. The field autopsy method allows greater confidence in interpreting results by showing whether the accused rodents have actually eaten the material of interest such as grain. The experimental method allows strong inferences about the effect of rodents on the level of damage by the comparison of sites with and without rodents, or at sites with more and less rodents.

Extensive skinning of carcasses can be used to obtain evidence of predation, such as haemorrhagic patches around wound sites. An alternative approach is to examine the dead specimens of the suspected predator. Croft & 24 Statistical analysis of damage Hone (1978) used this approach when examining the stomach contents of foxes in New South Wales. The results can be ambiguous, however. Sheep remains in the stomach of a fox do not distinguish between the fox having eaten a dead sheep or having killed a sheep, most likely a lamb, and eaten some of the carcass.

Significantly more birds were struck, as assessed by Chi-square analysis, by wide-bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and DC-10, than narrow-bodied aircraft. 05). The correlation analysis was a Spearman rank correlation. Different results between the studies may be related to the different evasive behaviours of birds when threatened with a large aircraft or differing aircraft speed and shapes. 10. 1 Bird damage to crops Problem definition and species Birds cause damage to crops in many parts of the world; such as corn in northern America, wheat in New Zealand, orchards in Australia and grain crops in Africa.

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