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Angel Hunt by Mike Ripley

By Mike Ripley

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»Manche Dinge bleiben besser für immer unentdeckt. « Nur kurz denkt die 14-jährige Sophia an diesen Rat, als sie das Erbe ihres geheimnisvollen Großvaters annimmt: Der alte Mann, den sie nie selbst gekannt hat, vermacht ihr eine komplexe kleine Maschine, die wie ein Uhrwerk voller Zahnrädchen und Halbkugeln aussieht.

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I snapped. I was getting ratty, and the rain was going down the back of my neck. ‘Or Lucy Scarrott, or maybe somebody else. You knew Billy. ’ He exhaled slowly and rested a forearm on the top of the car door. ’ He put his head on one side, but kept a straight face. ’ ‘You mean really deep, persistent scrutiny and monitorÂ�ing of my day to day existence? ’ He smiled and climbed into his car. ’ I let him get clear before I turned Armstrong around and cruised down Dwyer Street. Nassim’s battered Nissan (Nassim Nassim’s Nissan?

He stood up and picked up his chair in a sweeping movement. ’ ‘Hang on a minute. Just rewind that, would you. ’ I was getting a bad feeling deep down about what I was saying. ’ ‘You’ve been watching too much Hill Street Blues,’ he said. ‘We still call them grasses over here. ’ ‘You make it sound like a mid-life career move. ’ ‘Billy was into some serious shit with these loonies. It sounds trivial – what’s a bit of spray-painting? Who would notice? ’ I did my ‘Let’s invade Poland’ impersonation, which isn’t very funny at the best of times.

Hmmm. ’ ‘Yes. ’ Oh shit. ’ ‘Which Zaria? ’ You bastard. I hung up. That would teach me to pay more attention, to put names to phone numbers. Now they were unfashÂ�ionable, maybe it would be okay to get a Filofax. No. Things weren’t that bad. The Boozebuster went off without a hitch. The unsuspecting and very sloshed Mr Harding was bundled out of the pub and into the back of Armstrong with the four girls in various stages of undress. It was a bit of a squash, but he didn’t seem to mind, and I’d put on a tape of golden oldies (stuff from around 1985) for them to sing along to.

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