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Are men obsolete? : Rosin and Dowd vs. Moran and Paglia : by Rosin, Hanna; Moran, Caitlin; Paglia, Camille; Dowd,

By Rosin, Hanna; Moran, Caitlin; Paglia, Camille; Dowd, Maureen; Griffiths, Rudyard

For the 1st time in background, will it's greater to be a girl than a guy within the upcoming century? The 12th semi-annual Munk Debate pits well known writer and editorHanna Rosin and Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Maureen Dowd opposed to New York Times–bestselling writer Caitlin Moran and educational trailblazer Camille Paglia to discuss one of many largest socio-economic phenomena of our time — the relative decline of the ability and standing of fellows within the office, within the relations, and society at huge. males have characteristically been the dominant intercourse. yet now, for the 1st time, a number of symptoms means that ladies not just are attaining equality with males, yet are speedy rising because the extra winning intercourse of the species. even if in schooling, employment, own overall healthiness, or baby rearing, information element to an increase within the prestige and tool of ladies at domestic, within the place of work, and in conventional male bastions reminiscent of politics. yet are males, and the age-old strength constructions linked to “maleness,” completely in decline? With ladies more and more demonstrating their skill to “have all of it” whereas males lag at the back of, the Munk Debate on gender tackles the fundamental socio-economic query: Are males obsolete?

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We have so far to go. The routine gang rapes of women in Pakistan and India recently — with no recourse to justice — have been shockingly documented. In places like Thailand and Central Europe, women and girls are trafficked as sex workers with no rights. In places like Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive; they don’t have full legal rights. And in every corner of the world, women own a fraction of the wealth that men do. Rather than pit east versus west or men versus women, I’d like to recognize that policies that are good for families, good for girls and boys, good for the environment, good for peace and social justice, are policies that raise the status of women and girls, and educate and invest in them.

Since we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, I’ll mention that there are more than eighty species that feature leech babes that devour their male lovers before, during, and after mating. Praying mantises, green spoon worms, and the tiny female midge — who plunges her proboscis into the male midge’s head during procreation, her spittle turning his insides to soup that she enjoys as an après-sex snack. Beats a cigarette. The male orb-weaving spider kills himself before the female has a chance to kill him, turning himself into a plug to prevent other males from copulating, thus ensuring his genes are more likely to live on.

Where are these places located exactly? HANNA ROSIN: Playboys from 1962, yours for the asking. RUDYARD GRIFFITHS: Perfect segue. Let’s go to our first video commentator clip. Let’s internationalize this debate a bit. We’ve been talking about North America, but there’s an entire world out there. We caught up with Naomi Wolf, third-wave feminist and author of the bestselling book The Beauty Myth, among others. Let’s have a listen. NAOMI WOLF: Thank you, Rudyard. Definitely, in some ways, we in the West are in a time when women are making tremendous advances and it is worth noticing.

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