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At All Costs (Honor Harrington, Book 11) by David Weber

By David Weber

What expense victory?
The struggle with the Republic of Haven has resumed . . . disastrously for the big name country of Manticore. Admiral woman Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the one positive Allied commander of the outlet section of the hot struggle, has been recalled from the Sidemore process to command 8th Fleet. we all know 8th Fleet is the Alliance's basic offensive command, which makes it the normal task for the girl the media calls “the Salamander.” yet what many of the public DOESN'T comprehend is that not just are the megastar state and its Allies badly outnumbered via the Republic's new fleet, yet that the percentages are going to get progressively worse. 8th Fleet's task is to one way or the other hinder these odds from crushing the Alliance sooner than the superstar nation can regain its strategic stability. It's a role which won't be performed cost effectively. Honor Harrington needs to meet her ambitious duties with inferior forces while she copes with tumultuous alterations in her own and public existence. the choice to victory is overall defeat, but this time the price of victory could be agonizingly excessive.

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