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Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects by Dana Desonie

By Dana Desonie

My son had to do a file on worldwide warming and pollution. I picked this booklet up as a result of its contemporary ebook date. The booklet is especially good performed. the data in it truly is updated and gives many real-world examples. As a scholar, it engages my son's curiosity and he even learn extra of the ebook than he needed to for the needs of his document! As a guardian, i used to be subjected to many days of "Hey mother, did you know....." It used to be cool. i admire any technological know-how books that may have interaction childrens. This you could.

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In the description above, the low pressure zone was placed at the equator, but the location of the high pressure zone was not given. That is the motions of the Atmosphere The Coriolis Effect The Coriolis effect appears to influence freely moving objects such as baseballs, water, and air molecules. It is not a force itself, but an effect of the Earth’s rotation. The following example makes the Coriolis effect easier to understand. Imagine a baseball game being played on an unmoving turntable. The pitcher standing at the turntable’s center throws a ball to a teammate who is standing on the turntable’s edge in The Coriolis effect appears to deflect winds to the right in the 12 o’clock position.

Other Factors That Shape a Region’s Climate As discussed in the San Francisco and Virginia Beach examples, ocean currents alter the temperature of the air above them. The North Equatorial Current, which is warmed by the Sun as it travels from east to west in the Atlantic Ocean from the equator, turns north when it hits the Americas to become the Gulf Stream. This large, swift warm-water current raises air temperatures as it moves northward along the eastern United States and southeastern Canada.

The tropics receive much more solar energy than the polar latitudes and therefore they are warmer. It is the imbalance of heat between the low and high latitudes that is the force driving atmospheric circulation. Atmospheric Circulation The atmosphere circulates in great convection cells that begin their motions near the equator. The tropical low pressure zone sucks air horizontally along the ground surface into the gap it leaves. The horizontal motion of air along the ground creates wind. Air in the low pressure zone rises upward to the top of the troposphere then flows toward the poles.

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