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When he hears the word and sees the sign, he has two options available instead of only one. Some words, like ball or up, will be easier for your baby to say than others. In those cases, he may choose to learn the word right from the beginning. Other words, like flower, may be more difficult, and your baby may therefore choose the sign. By using signs and words together, you are leaving both doors open. What’s more, even when your baby uses the sign first, he will be learning to understand what you are saying and will have a head start in figuring out how to say the word ­himself.

Is a great way to prompt your baby to practice signing and to strengthen the connection between the sign, the object, and the word, especially when your baby signs flower and you reply “That’s right! ” Signing Spontaneously Just as parents eagerly await their baby’s first word, signing families await their baby’s first spontaneous use of signs, the hallmark of true signing communication. It is easy to understand the excitement parents feel the first time their baby Start Signing with Your Baby!

Watch for unusual actions that your baby seems to do repeatedly and with a determined air, simple actions linked in time with things around him. Often, but not always, these will be accompanied by a look to you, as if to check to see if you have understood. Babies are remarkably acute observers of objects on their own. They notice what things look like and what they do, then figure out how to convey both characteristics through sign, even without your demonstrating. Some babies we have studied have noticed, all on their own, that dogs pant, that balls roll, that wind moves things back and forth, that hats cover heads, that Christmas lights blink on and off, and that swings move back and forth.

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