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Battleground: Code Red by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

You get up in a dismal room without proposal the place you're. you're gagged and compelled right into a ready truck. you will have performed not anything incorrect. What may you do?

Fourteen-year-old Ben travels to Pakistan on a college trade programme. Ben and his Pakistani host, Aaarya, locate themselves within the fallacious position on the fallacious time. They see whatever they are not presupposed to and are abducted by way of a few unusual males. stuck up in a terrifying deliberate terrorist assault which can smash Southern Afghanistan, killing millions, Ben and Aarya are dragged in the course of the so much terrifying battleground on the planet.

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Nuclear. ’ Behind him, he heard the flickering sound of the two burning vehicles. His attacker slowly lowered his rifle and started unwinding the black cloth that was wound round his head. He had dark, sweaty skin and a long beard. His eyes glowed. Kirov couldn’t tell if that was because of the reflection of the flames or for some other reason. ‘A nuclear suitcase bomb,’ the bearded man repeated. ’ He shouted an instruction, then watched as the Mujahideen on the truck carefully lifted the case and gently laid it on the side of the road two metres from where Kirov was kneeling.

Then he rubbed his hands together. ‘Never mind, never mind. You and Aarya should leave. ’ Moments later, Aarya was beside him, a small canvas bag of books slung over her shoulder. She smiled at him and led the way to the door. The early morning sun was bright. It shone through the fruit trees in the courtyard and made Ben’s skin feel warm. ’ he asked Aarya. ‘It is close,’ she said. ’ She looked away modestly. ‘I try to study hard,’ she said. ‘And I talk to any English people who come here. ’ She smiled.

He ushered them in. ‘You must be very hungry,’ he announced as they walked past the fruit trees. ‘Harata and Aarya have prepared food for you. ’ At the main entrance to the house, the family removed their shoes. Ben and Bel did the same before stepping inside. It was dark here, but cooler, which was a relief. They were led through an empty hallway into a room with a low round table no more than knee height. ’ And as if showing them what to do, he sat on the floor at the table. Ben and Bel copied him.

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