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Behavior Therapy in Psychiatric Practice. The Use of by Joseph Wolpe

By Joseph Wolpe

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M. and STUNKARD A. J. 77th day of her hospitalization. Arrangements (1970) Behavior therapy of anorexia nervosa: effective­ ness of activity as a reinforcer of weight gain, Am. / . were made for a continuation of supportive Psychiat. 126, 1093-1098. psychotherapy on an outpatient basis. CRISP A. M. and TOMS D. A. (1972) Primary anorexia One month after discharge the patient's nervosa or weight phobia in the male: Report on normal eating behavior had been maintained 13 cases, Brit. Med. J. 1, 334-338.

In the following year her handwashing compulsion generalized and became more severe. Now she had to wash her hands not only at work, but also while doing her housework. Furthermore, she had to wash her hands after touching her husband's genitals. Becoming more and more incapacitated by this behavior, she was unable to do her housework, and became very depressed. About 1 yr after her symptoms began she took an overdose of medication in a suicidal attempt, which was complicated by a pneumonia and led to a 12-week period in a psychiatric state hospital, after which she was given a trial period at home.

She came in at 4 o'clock every morning, being a waitress all night long, and she would wake up 5 min before school time and rush breakfast and say, "Eat all your breakfast," and I would vomit every morning when I was seven because it was such a rush. So I always had sort of an eating problem. Th: Well, can you remember how you felt when you were made to eat your breakfast so rapidly? Pt: Nervous. 23 Th: You said previously that whenever you've had this eating problem in the past few (Received 8 1 22 years you've been nervous and tense.

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