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Bella Blew Blue Bubbles (Homophones Level II) by Amanda Rondeau

By Amanda Rondeau

Pictures and easy textual content introduce homophones, phrases that sound alike yet are spelled in a different way and feature diverse meanings.

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Ocean tides and ocean loading: The FES 2000 ocean model is applied for semidiurnal to long-periodic constituents. - Pole tide: The IERS polar motion series are used. - Earth tides according to the IERS conventions [McCarthy 2000]. From the resulting 12 sets of spherical harmonic coefficients of degree 2 through 4 (λ/2 = 5000 km) monthly gravity variations have been calculated for the selected SG positions in a time span from Dec. 2000 to Dec. 2001 with an estimated standard deviation of 1 µgal.

The disparity between CHAMP and the SLR results is not unacceptable although the results can be overinterpreted. 1 plots the 15day SLR solutions from 1998 to mid 2002 followed by the CHAMP only solution to mid 2003. The satellite data has been fitted by annual and semi-annual sinusoids. The strength of the multisatellite solution prior to 2002 is evident in the consistency of fit and the low error bars. For the CHAMP only solution, the current methodolgy gives rise to both larger variability and larger error bars.

The comparisons in Table 1 and Figure 5 show agreements and disagreements in both the spectral and spatial domain, which must be attributed to the CHAMP+4SLRsat observed time series as well as to the geophysical models where especially the hydrologic contributions are quite uncertain. As the results obtained so far shall only give a first impression, a thorough investigation and discussion of the quality of CHAMP resolved temporal gravity variations is left for further studies. 30 Christoph Reigber et al.

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