Biochemists' Song Book by Harold Baum

By Harold Baum

This songbook offers info on biochemical pathways set to recognized songs, supplying scholars with a great way to recollect frequently complex info. The songs must also function end-of-term evaluation fabric.

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NADH to CoQ10’s the job of Complex I, It contains a single flavin—(and FMN is the one) And all that non-haem iron can’t just be there for fun, Where electrons, etc. Succinate is oxidised by way of Complex II, It starts off with FAD and it reduces Q, And just to make it complex it’s got non-haem iron too, Where electrons, etc. From CoQ through to cyto. c requires Complex III, It’s got c1 and iron too and two species of b, There’s an antimycin-binding site, core-proteins two or three, Where electrons, etc.

The repeated rhyming of “way” with “say” (and often with “play”) is an old Lincolnshire tradition. The additional rhyme with “CoA” is, of course, of more recent origin. 37 38 39 THE PENTOSE PHOSPHATE SHUNT (Tune: “Macnamara’s Band”) If you’re converting carbohydrate into triglycerides, If you need pentose moieties to make nucleotides, You’ll find that Embden-Meyerhof is not the game to play And you’ll do your biosynthesis the pentose phosphate way. Chorus: With transaldolase, transketolase, G6PDH too, Six times six gives fives times six plus six of CO2 Carbons passing to and fro, the back becomes the front, Did you ever see a pathway like the pentose phosphate shunt?

As ␺ drives cation uptake and ∆pH becomes great An antiport Pi:hydroxyl can make salts accumulate, But a far more important process that’s linked to this proticity Is of course hydro-dehydration between Pi and ADP. /... 21 For inlaid across that same membrane is Fo with protonic well F1—ATPase stuck on it (by OSCP they tell) When ATP’s split in that headpiece, protons come from the matrix side The rest of the reaction water, coming in as C-side oxide. f. from respiration drives the making of ATP.

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