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Busting Loose From the Business Game: Mind-Blowing by Robert Scheinfeld

By Robert Scheinfeld

The enterprise Game—here’s how one can win!Are you a company proprietor, supervisor, or worker who struggles with:Taxes, funds move, revenues, and profitsMarketing and ads effectivenessHiring, motivating, and coping with talentThe financial system, inventory marketplace, and competitorsBosses, forums, stockholders and partnersNever-ending to-do lists and sacrificing your caliber of existence to succeed?If you spoke back "yes" to any of those, you’ve been enjoying The enterprise online game and agony the implications. no matter if you’re rolling in earnings right away, there are hidden expenses you’re paying to earn that money—money that’s regularly at risk.You realized "the principles" and you’ve been trustworthy to them, pondering you could win. yet you can’t fairly win The enterprise online game, simply because it’s designed to be unwinnable—that is, so long as you play by means of the principles you have been taught. the single method to actually win is to bust unfastened from the "old" online game and begin taking part in a brand new video game with a brand new set of rules.This publication is helping you find who you actually are, what you’re relatively able to, and the way you could faucet new assets of energy, knowledge, and abundance to notably remodel your adventure of industrial. if you happen to bust unfastened from the previous video game, you’ll without notice be taking part in a brand new game:For the sheer excitement of taking part in, with out concerns approximately revenues, advertising, earnings, money movement, taxes, people, or own incomeEntirely unaffected by means of the economic climate, inventory industry, rivals, or technological innovationHaving extra enjoyable with much less attempt than you’ve ever experiencedDoing simply what you like to do—all day, each dayWatching as awesome effects come your means, with no need to "make it happen"It might sound unimaginable, yet it’s completely attainable. you are able to do it—if you open your brain and include the techniques during this ebook. Busting unfastened from The company online game leads you right into a New enterprise online game full of effects and pride past whatever you’ve ever imagined attainable. learn on… and bust unfastened!

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And for you to be entertained, what must happen? You must feel something. Just about everyone I know loves movies. If for some reason you don’t, follow along with me and you’ll still get the big-picture point I want to make. Why do so many people love movies? When I ask people, most of them respond with one or more of these five comments: 1. They’re fun and entertaining. 2. They provide a diversion from the daily routine. 3. They enable you to see different points of view. The Fantasy Factory 37 4.

As we pass a certain age growing up, we become players in a Business Game that was set into motion long ago. Like athletes and other game players, we never question what we’re taught about playing The Business Game. We just accept the rules, regulations, and structure we’re taught and play as if it were all etched in stone and nonnegotiable. Here are five of the primary rules we’ve been taught are real and etched in stone for playing The Business Game. There are actually dozens of other rules, but the following are the ones we’re most familiar with and the ones that do the most damage, as you’ll soon see: 1.

Throughout recorded history, three questions have haunted humanity: 1. Who am I? 2. Why am I here? 3. What’s my purpose? Ironically, as you’ll see by the time you complete this book, the answers to those three questions hold the key to busting loose from The Business Game—not the strategies you can apply from within The Five Power Centers of Business. My belief is there’s no way to know the absolute Truth about the answers to those questions. Why? Because there are certain mysteries about the human experience that are so huge and complex they are beyond our understanding at our present level of Consciousness.

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