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C. S. Lewis (Who Wrote That?) by John C. Davenport, Kyle Zimmer

By John C. Davenport, Kyle Zimmer

Most sensible identified for his Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis wrote commonly on non secular themes. This quantity examines facets of his lifestyles and profession.

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Indd 52 9/16/10 2:56 PM WAR AND PEACE 53 “Clive Hamilton,” his mother’s maiden name. He took the time, for reasons unknown, to send a draft to Albert for comment. Seeming more distant than ever, Albert noted flatly, “For a first book—and of poetry—written by a boy not yet nineteen it is an achievement. ” In the end, Spirits in Bondage did moderately well after its publication, but Lewis chose eventually to abandon poetry, perhaps because of his father’s remarks. Lewis’ lingering fears of being sent back to France evaporated permanently when news reached England of an armistice in November 1918.

S. LEWIS Published at last, and in proximity to Janie, Lewis settled into a comfortable routine at Oxford. The summer of 1920 saw Janie and her daughter, Maureen, move into a house close to the university that was paid for by Lewis. With Janie so near and his career established, Lewis found it easy to settle into the kind of routine any academic would relish. He described this routine as his “usual life”: I walk and ride out into the country, sometimes with the family, sometimes alone. I work; I wash up and water the peas and beans in our little garden; I try to write; I meet my friends and go to lectures.

In the evening there was bubbly for dinner in honour of the event: the first time I have ever had champagne at home. For a brief time, Jack Lewis felt truly at home. indd 53 9/16/10 2:56 PM Lewis became a fellow at Magdalen College at Oxford University, a fact that pleased his estranged father greatly. Additionally, Lewis’ fellowship added a steady source of income, with which he could better support himself, Janie, and her daughter. indd 54 9/16/10 2:56 PM 5 The Kilns and Christian Revival DISCHARGED AND FREE, Lewis returned to Oxford in January 1919.

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