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California Algebra Readiness: Concepts, Skills, and Problem by Jack Price

By Jack Price

Ebook by means of rate, Jack

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Progress Check 5 (Lesson 5) Vocabulary and Concept Check base (p. 22) exponent (p. 22) power (p. 22) Choose the term that best completes each statement. (Examples 1–4) 1. In 4 3, 4 is the ? 2. In 4 3, 3 is the ? Skills Check Simplify. (Example 1) 3. 33 4. 24 5. 42 6. 92 7. 35 8. 53 Write each product using exponents. (Examples 2–3) 5×5×5×5 10. 8×8×8 11. 6×6×6×6×6 12. 2×2×2×2×2×2×2 13. b·b·b 14. z·z·z·z·z·z 9. Problem-Solving Check 15. HOBBIES A bingo board has five squares on each side. It has a total of 5 2 squares.

E. SALES A theater sold 948 tickets on Monday and 3,395 tickets on Tuesday. How many tickets were sold in all? f. CONSTRUCTION A park needs 855 feet of fencing. So far, 685 feet have been built. How many feet of fencing still need to be built? Voca b u la ry Re vie w Examples 1–4 VOCABULARY (pages 14–15) Example 1 2. Give an example of when you would subtract to find an answer. 3. 325 + 231 4. 867 + 324 5. 3,485 + 2,213 6. 1,294 + 2,336 7. 2,524 + 378 8. 806 + 5,579 Subtract. (page 15) Example 3 Give an example of when you would add to find an answer.

DANCE A dancer makes a 270° turn. What kind of turn is this? 12. EARTH SCIENCE Earth rotates one full turn each day. How many degrees does it rotate? 13. Discuss with a partner how to classify the angle made by a wall and ceiling. 14. The expression “doing a 180” can mean to change your mind or change direction. Explain how this expression relates to what you know about 180° and turns.

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