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Cambridge Young Learners English Tests - Movers: Student's by Petrina Cliff

By Petrina Cliff

This name includes units of perform assessments offering genuine perform for the Cambridge ESOL younger rookies English exams.

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G. g. a metaphor) as a compensatory element in a part of the TL text in a place that does not correspond to its place in the SL text. The subject of the 'invariant' element in translation has been frequently discussed, often with the implication that the cognitive element, the information, is the invariant element which must at all costs be transferred, whilst the communicative and associative elements should be transferred only if possible. No generalisation could be more misleading. The invariant and variant elements will depend entirely on the intention of the text.

And so you have Canada, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Yugoslaviaall countries where social equilibrium is related to free interlinguistic communication, and the publication of their statutes in all their national languages. And so you have the North-South gap, the need for developing countries not only to assert the written expression of their own languages (all countries are more or less multilingual) but also to determine the role of languages of international communication as a means of importing aid (Band Aid, Sport Aid, exam aidit must multiply).

Thus cognitive meaning includes: (a) linguistic meaning; that is the proposition within the text say Il était obsédé par l'idée de vendre son journal, 'He was obsessed by the idea of selling his paper'; (b) referential meaning: JJSS was obsessed by the idea of selling France-Soir (in Paris in 1970); (c) implicit meaning: the tone of a passage determines the implicit meaning of a sentence. Thus Vous avez cent fois raison may mean 'You're quite right' or 'You're quite wrong', or 'You may be making a mistake' or 'No comment'; (d) thematic meaning, showing normally the old information as the theme at the beginning of a sentence, and the new information (rheme) at the end of the sentence, with the highest degree of Communicative Dynamism (Firbas, 1972) on the last word (rheme proper).

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