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Captured (Astonishing Headlines) by Kent Publishing

By Kent Publishing

This new sequence of nonfiction readers will seize a student's curiosity from the first actual web page! Designed with reluctant readers in brain, those riveting 64-page softcover books provide brief chapters on high-interest headlines. every one bankruptcy is its personal mini-book, which incorporates a timeline, keywords, and fascinating proof. attention-grabbing black and white photos continue the pages turning. A bibliography encourages additional topical reading.\n\nRead approximately a few of history's most fun captures! Tragedy or triumph? all of it will depend on who-or what-is captured. The captive should be a runaway slave in the course of the Civil struggle, or a struggle felony stuck lengthy after international struggle II. or even the captive is an extraordinary mammoth squid from the ocean's depths.

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»Manche Dinge bleiben besser für immer unentdeckt. « Nur kurz denkt die 14-jährige Sophia an diesen Rat, als sie das Erbe ihres geheimnisvollen Großvaters annimmt: Der alte Mann, den sie nie selbst gekannt hat, vermacht ihr eine komplexe kleine Maschine, die wie ein Uhrwerk voller Zahnrädchen und Halbkugeln aussieht.

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I am Saddam Hussein,” he said. “I am president of Iraq. ” Right after his capture, Saddam was cooperative and talkative. A short time later, however, he was defiant. Iraqi leaders met with him. They told him people were dancing in the streets, celebrating his capture. “Those are mobs,” Saddam said. The leaders asked him to explain the mass graves filled with his victims. “Those are thieves,” Saddam insisted. 58 Saddam was asked about the killing of thousands of Kurds in 1988. He shrugged and said he had heard about it.

No car or clothing robberies were reported for 12 days after the escape. Two life vests were found floating in the bay. Also, police found a package of letters and photographs belonging to the brothers. They were tightly wrapped to keep them dry. Several weeks later, a body in a blue uniform was found near the coast. The 34 clothing looked like a prison uniform. However, the body could not be identified. It had been in the water too long. The three inmates are still missing and presumed drowned.

The community—and the nation— stopped holding its breath. C. sniper shootings 49 CHAPTER 5 Saddam Hussein Captured! D ATA F I L E T I M E L I N E July 1979 Saddam Hussein becomes Iraqi dictator. August 1990 Saddam invades Kuwait. March 2003 Saddam’s regime toppled. S. forces. Where is Iraq? 50 K E Y T E R M S regime - a government peasant - a poor farmer or worker Baath - a political party in Iraq coup - a sudden attack to take over a government Kurds - an ethnic group living in northern Iraq Shiites - a religious group in Iraq; a member of a branch of Islam D I D Y O U K N O W ?

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